Which Hearth?

When it come to hearth material you have many different possibilities brick, slate, slabs ect.. The beauty of slate is it will not mark or stain and with a new coat of slate, teak or linseed oil it can look as new as the day it was installed, many years later.

Also when using slate with a wood burning stove the front hearth can be in one piece, therefore no unsightly mortar joints are on show from the hearth being laid in 3 or 4 separate pieces of stone, just one big chunky piece of slate that looks great with wooden floors or carpets.

There are much cheaper alternatives for hearths like Indian stone for example which is used for paving driveways. Some installers choose to use this to keep costs down. Indian stone is a very porous material meaning it will stain and mark easily which isn’t ideal for a hearth due to soot and ash when emptying your appliance. You have to consider how your fireplace is going to look in years from now.