Why line your stove?

We advise clients that are planning on having a stove fitted to also line the chimney’s flue with a stainless steel lining system. This is because a stove looses much less heat through the flue than an open fire so creates a colder and slower draw giving gases time to condense and stick to the flues walls.

With the liner being made from steel, It conducts heat much quicker creating a more draw up the flue. The benefit of a faster draw is this ignites fuel and gets your stove to its highest efficiency a lot faster. As well as tackling the problem of giving gases time to condense creating tar and creosote build up on the flue walls. Creosote can eventually leak through causing damp tar stains. It is also very flammable and the main cause of chimney fires.

A liner is also much more efficient on fuel as the response to the air vents on your stove is significantly increased. The best way i can describe it is like a volume control for your flame. This is something you just wont get on an unlined flue. Liners are dropped from the roof and connected directly to the stoves flue pipe. This creates a safe installation preventing smoke spillage escaping through damaged mid feather bricks into bedrooms above or neighbours if the stack is shared.

Another benefit of having the stove lined is it makes the sweeping process much cleaner, easier and quicker. This keeps your hearth and the walls of your chamber free from any soot as there is no need for sweeping hatches in the register plate. The liner is swept through the stove as it is now all one connected system.