Cowls, rain caps and bird guards

There are numerous reasons for fitting Cowls, Caps or a Bird Guards to the chimney pot, and a large variety of products on the market. Cold and flue are happy to advise you on your need for Cowls,  Caps or  Bird Guards and the correct type required. If you have just moved into a new property that has a Cowl fitted, or if you wish to change the use of the fire place, Cold and flue can advise the suitability of the cowl for your purpose.

Pot hanging cowl

Used as a one piece system to secure the liner at the top of the stack, this product is mainly used where a clay pot is being used as there is no need to remove the pot.  We carefully slide the Cowls over the liner and secure it  and then do the same thing when securing the Suspending Cowls to the clay pot.

Rain cap/bird guards

Designed to prevent once and for all the ingress of birds and leaves into used or unused chimney flues.  For use with appliances fired by oil or solid fuel.

Ventilation cowls

Sometimes cowls and terminals for disused flues like these  are mistakenly  fitted to open fires and stoves. This is potentially hazardous and will affect the flue’s performance and reduce draw considerably. If you think you have one of these or are unsure what terminal you require please contact us.