Stove Servicing

Once wood burner has been installed it is vital that regular sweeps and services are carried out. We offer a full after care service and send out annual reminders for your service /sweep.

Here at Cold and Flue chimney solutions  We offer a reliable and efficient chimney sweeping service throughout Exmoor and somerset. We use power sweeping, as well traditional methods where they are appropriate. Normal Chimney Sweeping Brushes can sometimes be not be quite as effective as Power Sweeping.

We highly recommend an annual service, sweep and safety inspection as standard to keep your heating system running at its optimum especially during times of heavy usage i.e. winter months.

Our full service and safety inspections include:

  • Inspection of  glass and seal
  • Removal, inspection and clean of fire bricks and throat plate
  • Inspection of stove pipe and spigot join and replacement of seal or fire cement if needed
  • Chimney sweep to clear any debris or build up
  • Inspection of rope seal and replace if required